Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program - Dayton Ohio

It's time to take the first step! 

It is possible to achieve long-term sobriety with proper counseling, medication management and physician supervision.  We can help!

Warning Signs of Addiction

A person struggling with alcohol addiction will often deny that a problem exists when confronted by friends and family members.  An alcohol addiction can be difficult to identify as there are different levels of addiction, and some warning signs are less obvious than others.

Early signs of alcoholism include:

  • Depression and mood swings
  • Black outs
  • DUI
  • Loss of employment
  • Relationship struggles
  • Financial struggles

If this describes you or someone you love, we are here to help!

Dayton Recovery has set a new standard of care for successfully treating alcohol addiction.  With the guidance of our trained physicians, along with medication management, we can help relieve the urge to drink.  In addition, a counselling session with one of our experienced counselors is offered during each visit, where clients are taught to how understand triggers and manage addictions.

Call us for program details.


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