Suboxone Treatment Program - Dayton Ohio

Easy, Low Cost, and Simple to Follow:  

The key to successful addiction recovery is being able to stick with a program. We know that in order to do that, you have some hurdles to jump including program cost, the amount of time you have to spend in therapy, and how easy it will be to stick with the program.

Insurance vs. Fee For Service

We often get the question: "What is the difference between a clinic where you pay for your visit (Fee For Service) and a clinic that takes insurance for the office visit. There's actually quite a big difference and it really comes down to the requirements of each. All treatment programs require a monthly visit with your doctor and counseling.

Insurance Clinic

  • Insurance pays for office visit
  • 8-18 visits PER MONTH
  • Monthly visits include up to 16 counseling sessions
  • Your insurance may or may not cover your prescriptions (check with your insurance)

Fee for Service Clinic

  • Patient pays for office visit
  • One visit PER MONTH (after induction phase*)
  • Monthly Visit includes counseling sessions.
  • Your insurance may or may not cover your prescriptions (check with your insurance)

We are a Fee For Service clinic
The cost of a Fee for Service works out to $7 per day*. The advantage is the huge amount of time you save with this type of program. You are not leashed to the clinic and the counseling sessions. You only have to visit once per month* and during this visit you will fulfill all the required processes: urine drug testing, counseling and the doctor appointment.

While insurance coverage may be right for some people, we believe the Suboxone Treatment program that is easier to attend and follow-up with is ultimately going to be more successful.

ARE YOU READY? The hardest step is to begin! It will get easier! Call us today

*Setting expectations: The first month you come to Dayton Recovery four separate times. The cost for the first month is $260. The next month  is 2 times and  each month after that is once per month, with the cost at $210 per month. Most patients need only visit once per month to meet the requirements of the program after the induction.

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